It's great to have three different options in choosing your employment. Employers have
different needs as well and sometimes there's a change  during employment. It's very POSSIBLE to
enjoy your job and location on a contract leading you to go direct. Potentially an employer
May like your work so much they ask if you would consider working for them.

Contract assignment

A contract assignment can be a short or very long term time frame. The demands may change anytime during the contract causing it to end or extend. If traveling is your love this may be for you . Also there may be contracts near your home you want to explore.

Contract to Direct Opportunity

There are times an employer will request to bring an employee in to see their skills, attendance and other requirements. Satisfied with their requirements would make them interested in bringing that employee onboard for career opportunities.

Direct (Permanent) Placement

When an employer contacts us for for a permanent employee, we use our HR department to screen and hire the best type of candidate requested for the permanent position. The employer then reviews and makes a decision on the quality candidate to fill their demands

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