We have top notch structure modification personal that have experience on projects such as cargo door mods on commercial jets, fuel tank mods, fuselage conversions passenger to cargo mods.

Our team has the experience to help comply with your supplemental type certificate (STC). If you received  an FAA approval to modify an aeronautical product from it's original design and would like to make us your choice,  please contact our business relations department and it would be a privilege to assist you. [email protected]

Whether you need entry level, experienced, contract, or permanent employees you can trust Global Aviation Work to help meet your demands. We treat our employees like no other and we get that respect back. This allows us to screen and select the quality employees that meet the skill levels and deadlines that are requested


    • Commercial Aircraft
    • Corporate Aircraft
    • Vintage Aircraft
    • Helicopters
    • Cargo Door Mods
    • (STC) Mods


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